Making the Most of Days Off


I mentioned in my post on New Year that this year we are going to make the most of the time we have. It’s so easy to get trapped into doing housework or watching crap on telly and you blink and it’s 12 o clock and you should be going to bed. So yesterday Sam had the day off and we decided to make the most of it. We had a lovely lie in all morning, and then we got up and dressed and went out for lunch, which we haven’t done in ages! We went to a new chinese buffet (Tai Pan on Hanover Street if you’re interested) and it was lovely, especially the tiny puddings. Then we went to HMV, Sam bought a couple of vinyls (Avenged Sevenfold and The Temperance Movement) and I bought the Dark Knight trilogy on blu-ray as a treat. We got home, put Batman on and watched the whole trilogy in one go with a big bag of popcorn and some chocolates we still had from Christmas. And that was it. But it was the nicest day we’ve had in ages, just the two of us, 3 awesome films and some epic chinese food. Being married and spending time together isn’t about spending loads of money, or going on holiday or even leaving the house. It’s about chilling with your best friend in the world doing the things you love. 2014-02-13 08.21.09

Mozzarella Paninis with Homemade Veggie Tapenade

20131231_144411It’s really easy to fall into the habit of lunch being a cheese sandwich or a piece of toast and only making the effort with your evening meal. But as it’s new year and I decided to do a really lovely lunch. I also love a bargain, and picked up a big bag of paninis from Tesco that were in the reduced section for 50p. So this is what I did with them, lots of lovely gooey mozzarella cheese, homemade tapenade style dip and some lovely big tomatoes. A good lunch if I ever saw one. The quantities are for two people but go ahead and double them, half them, whatever!

You will need: 10 black olives, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 2 paninis, 125g mozzarella cheese, pinch of mixed herbs, a big handful of walnuts, a big tomato and rocket to serve.20131231_141705Heat your oven to 200 degrees. Chop the paninis in half and drizzle each half with olive oil. Crush your garlic first in the pestle and mortar. When they are crushed, add the walnuts and then the olives and pound them to make a smooth paste. Add a pinch of mixed herbs, a tablespoon of olive oil and some lemon juice if you fancy.20131231_142234Spread your tapenade over the bottom two halves of your paninis. Now slice your mozzarella into thick slices and divide between the paninis covering the tapenade evenly. Slice your tomato and divide this as well. 20131231_142652Now put the tops of your paninis on top of the tomatoes and squish down well. Place on a baking tray and cook for 15 minutes in the oven. Take them out, make sure all your cheese has melted and serve on a bed of rocket with some balsamic vingear.


And that’s it. A really lovely lunchtime treat that’s dead easy to make and would cost a bomb if you bought it in a cafe!

Enjoy, Love Mrs Gardom

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Happy New Year

IMG_31417057296983Happy New Year folks! I know it’s the second of January but we had a pretty blow out new year and spent yesterday watching battlestar galactica in a sofa nest. I’m feeling positive about this year, me and Sam sat down and we’ve made a list of all the things we want to do this year, from going to the theatre, brewing our own beer, seeing our city as tourists to having an all day games marathon. I want this year to be an adventure, I have the most wonderful husband, a lovely flat, I live in a beautiful city and I am going to enjoy it. So I thought I would share some of these adventures with you, the internet! I’m going to keep this blog updated with the usual fabulous recipes and DIY ideas but I am also going to add some new features. ‘Mr and Mrs Gardom think’ will be an evening where we go to a restaurant, orĀ  see a film or a band or a play and we will both write reviews. I thought it would be an interesting perspective to see what we both think, and hopefully give you some ideas of things to do. I am contemplating a ‘These are a few of my favourite things’ section where I will talk about my faves, from cooking ingredients, to things around my house, to highlights of my extensive wardrobe! I will also keep you updated with life, and the various adventures and mishaps we encounter in 2014. Oh, and who wins the epic games tournament. Because that’s important. So I wish you all a very merry year, and look forward to keeping you updated! Any feedback or ideas you have would be great, feel free to comment! And here is a photo of us on the trampoline at our wedding, because we’re cool like that.

Love, Mrs Gardom

Toast the New Year with Beaded Wine Glasses

20131230_202932Yesterday I really fancied making something. I have a complete love affair with beads, and decided to try and spruce up our wine glasses a bit. These are quite simple to make, and will look fab at your New Years Eve Party, what better way to celebrate than with a gorgeous sparkly wine glass, in your favourite colours. I think I might make some as sets for presents as well.

You will need a selection of glass beads, I chose to use lots of rainbow colours, 40cm metal wire, about 0.7mm thick, a pair of round nosed pliers, and a wine glass.

20131229_171424Start to spiral the beaded wire around the stem of the glass, loosely to start with.

20131229_181408Bead the wire until you have about an inch left. Make a small loop with pliers to secure the beads. 20131229_184717Then tightly wind your beaded wire around the stem of the glass, using the unbeaded wire to make a loop around the stem to secure it.20131229_184902#1And you’ve finished! You could go crazy and do martini glasses, champagne flutes, anything with a stem! If you wan the wire to be more dense around the stem use a bit of extra wire as well. I’m really chuffed with these, a simple, quick craft that you can use.

Have a great New Year, Love Mrs Gardom