Rediscovering the Paintbrush

20140116_012715So I did something on Sunday I haven’t done in years. Literally years. I painted. I used to paint all the time, I did art A Level, I got an A. I painted huge oil canvases, sunsets, landscapes, tissue paper and ink, PVA glue and ink, I loved it. But I started uni, got married, got busy and painting just fell off the radar.

Me and Sam went to the Walker Art Gallery on Saturday, it’s a beautiful place, full of masterpieces and I just got inspired. We went to Home and Bargain, I bought a cheap set of acrylics, a big canvas and on Sunday I painted.

I painted exactly what I wanted to, I painted a photo I had taken in Greece of the sea, an impressionist style piece of an autumn path in Derbyshire. I painted a sunset behind the pyramids. It was the most relaxed I have been in ages, my brain just switched off.

So here are a couple of the sketches and paintings I have done, just for fun, just for me, not for a grade or to fill a sketchbook.