Happy New Year

IMG_31417057296983Happy New Year folks! I know it’s the second of January but we had a pretty blow out new year and spent yesterday watching battlestar galactica in a sofa nest. I’m feeling positive about this year, me and Sam sat down and we’ve made a list of all the things we want to do this year, from going to the theatre, brewing our own beer, seeing our city as tourists to having an all day games marathon. I want this year to be an adventure, I have the most wonderful husband, a lovely flat, I live in a beautiful city and I am going to enjoy it. So I thought I would share some of these adventures with you, the internet! I’m going to keep this blog updated with the usual fabulous recipes and DIY ideas but I am also going to add some new features. ‘Mr and Mrs Gardom think’ will be an evening where we go to a restaurant, orĀ  see a film or a band or a play and we will both write reviews. I thought it would be an interesting perspective to see what we both think, and hopefully give you some ideas of things to do. I am contemplating a ‘These are a few of my favourite things’ section where I will talk about my faves, from cooking ingredients, to things around my house, to highlights of my extensive wardrobe! I will also keep you updated with life, and the various adventures and mishaps we encounter in 2014. Oh, and who wins the epic games tournament. Because that’s important. So I wish you all a very merry year, and look forward to keeping you updated! Any feedback or ideas you have would be great, feel free to comment! And here is a photo of us on the trampoline at our wedding, because we’re cool like that.

Love, Mrs Gardom