Little Beaded Button Flowers

20140215_165934I love buttons and beads, as you know. So why not combine them?? These super cute flowers are really easy to make and look so pretty. They are also nice and quirky – I certainly haven’t seen them in any shops! You could use the flowers for embellishments for cards, buttons on a cardigan or a cushion, thread them on a necklace or a ring or like me – put them in your hair!

You will need: about 30cm very thin wire, coloured small seed beads, scissors/wire cutters and buttons, hairslide or bobble to attach the flower to.

First of all cut your wire to a length of 30cm and select a button. Thread your wire through a buttonhole and twist about 0.5cm of one end of wire around the bottom of the wire to form a secure loop. 2014-02-15 17.40.32Thread 15 seed beads onto the wire, if you can try push the first bead over the twisted wire for neatness. 2014-02-15 17.41.44Now you form the petals. Bend the beaded wire into a horeshoe shape and thread the end of the wire through the buttonhole. Press a length of plain wire behind the button and then twist your loose end of wire around the bottom of the petal to secure it.  2014-02-15 17.42.55Thread another 15 beads onto the wire and create another petal. 2014-02-15 17.43.28Keep doing this until you have used up most of the wire, about 5 or six petals. Make sure you keep the wire tight and that you are forming the petals using the closest buttonhole. 2014-02-15 17.44.38Form the last petal and do a few extra twists around the edge of the wire, leaving about 5cm of wire plain. Thread the wire through the central buttonholes a couple of times to secure it. If you are attaching the flower to a bobble or hairslide leave a bit of extra wire and twist it around the bobble or slide. I have dreadlocks, so I wrapped the leftover wire around one dread and poked the wire through the middle to secure it – which looks really cool. 20140215_174647So for a simple flower, there are so many different ways you could use this craft. You could even make them in colours to match a favourite outfit or piece of jewelery. They look really fun and add something a bit different – everyone loves a girl with flowers in her hair!

Love, Mrs Gardom

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